Treatment of Stroke / Vascular Diseases of The Cerebral Vessels in Munich


A stroke is manifested by sudden onset of neurological symptoms in the form of visual disturbances (double vision, hemiparesis), paralysis, speech disorders, dizziness or numbness / tingling. Treatment of an acute stroke should take place IMMEDIATELY and IN THE HOSPITAL. In the emergency room. If you come within a certain time window (usually 4.5 hours) after the onset of symptoms to the emergency room medication, clot busting therapy or catheter intervention is usually performed. After that, you will be monitored and cared for by doctors in the hospital and often sent to rehabilitation afterwards.

What examinations are performed in case of stroke?

Sometimes the diagnosis is also made on an outpatient basis, for example if the symptoms are so minor or temporary that the patient has not visited the hospital. In this case, of course, we can also arrange the necessary diagnostics on an outpatient basis. These include: an MRI of the brain, an ultrasound of the neck vessels, and a presentation to the cardiologist. The cardiologist examines whether there are sources of possible clots in the heart (e.g., due to atrial fibrillation or other heart disease)

Therapy after a Stroke

After a stroke, you should have regular neurological care to see how you progres, to check for constrictions of the carotid artery (ultrasound), to prescribe medication, and to check risk factors to best prevent further strokes. We treat spasticity of the arm/leg, which often occurs after a severe stroke, by injections with botulinum toxin, gladly at your home.

Should you have permanent deficits after a stroke, you will need regular physiotherapy, occupational therapy and, if necessary, logotherapy (speech therapy). In case of neuropsychological deficits or problems like perceptual disturbances of one half of the body, visual disturbances, memory/attention problems, neuropsychological therapy should definitely be continued on an outpatient basis. In particular, patients who have suffered strokes that are (co-)caused by risk factors (obesity, smoking, lack of exercise, etc.) should definitely change their lifestyle and start exercising, eating healthy and losing weight. We as experts for vascular diseases in Munich can support you here.

Attention: Your visual performance is suddenly limited? You have symptoms of paralysis, dizziness or speech disorders? Call (even if the complaints were only temporary!) immediately the emergency doctor (phone number in Germany: 19222).