Your Specialists for Neuropsychology in Munich

Neuropsychology deals with the connections between the central nervous system and mental processes. The focus of neuropsychological studies and research is on the functions of the brain such as memory, attention, perception and language.

Disturbance of these functions can be caused by neurological and psychiatric diseases or, for example, by accidents. In the course of neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease, problems often occur with concentration, attention, perception, vision, language or memory. To determine exactly where the limitations lie, the neuropsychologist performs some tests. Afterwards, it is discussed whether a neuropsychological therapy is necessary and useful.

Prof. Dr. Dipl. Psych. Ingo Keller - NEUROPSYCHOLOGIE

Why to the Examination?

  • The symptoms themselves: deficits of language, memory, perception and vision in neurological diseases can also be treated and trained depending on the severity. The basis is a neuropsychological testing to determine what problems exist. Then a special therapy can begin.
  • Often, many problems are associated with a brain disease. There may occur difficulties in the family environment or depression related to the brain disease or the disease processing. Here, too, the neuropsychologist can support and treat you. At the Neurozentrum Arabellapark, Professor Dr. Ingo Keller and the psychologist Carola Sauer conduct neuropsychological examinations and treatments.
  • Many people worry about having dementia because they forget things. Here too, testing can be useful to provide clarification – and reassurance that you are not suffering from dementia. Other causes of memory impairment can also be investigated and treated (e.g., depression).

Cost Coverage of Health Insurance

We treat private patients and self-pay patients. Patients with statutory health insurance can also be treated if an application to the health insurance company has been made.

Diagnosis and Therapies at the Neurozentrum Arabellapark

  • Diagnosis of cognitive disorders
  • Diagnosis of emotional-affective disorders
  • Neuropsychological assessments
  • Examination of fitness to drive

Neuropsychological therapy, in particular:

  • Therapy of emotional-affective disorders
  • Therapy of cognitive disorders
  • Vision training for visual field loss and visual neglect
  • Psychological help with problems of coping with the disease
  • Support in returning to everyday life and work after acquired brain injury
  • Family counseling