Your Specialists for Neurology

At the Neurozentrum Arabellapark, we examine and treat all neurological diseases of the nervous system and musculature. The nervous system includes the brain, the spinal cord and the peripheral nerves.

Complaints and Diseases

Common complaints that a neurologist clarifies are: Dizziness, headaches, numbness and tingling sensations, loss of consciousness, gait disturbances, sleep disturbances, muscle weaknesses or memory problems.

Dr. Sabine Uez - Neurozentrum Arabellapark

The most common conditions we treat:

The specialists at the Neurozentrum Arabellapark treat the entire range of neurological diseases.

Special consultation hour sleep medicine by Prof. Peter Young. Disease patterns:

  • Chronic falling asleep. and sleep disorders (insomnia)
  • Diseased sleepiness (narcolepsy)
  • The restless legs syndrome (restless legs syndrome)
  • Sleep disorders in underlying neurological diseases
  • Sleep disorders in competitive athletes
  • Obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome
Prof. Dr. Young
Prof. Dr. Med. Günter Ochs - NEUROLOGIE


We offer the following examination procedures:

  • Medical and neurological history and examination
  • EMG/NLG (measurement of nerve conduction velocity and muscle activity)
  • Evoked potentials (SEPs, VEPs, AEPs)
  • Doppler and color duplex (ultrasound of the brain-supplying vessels)
  • Electroencephalography (measurement of brain activity)
  • Lumbar puncture (sampling of cerebral spinal fluid)
  • Performing neurological assessments
  • Sleep apnoea screening in combination with long-term blood pressure and ECG


Arabellapark Neurocenter offers all therapies required for the treatment of neurological diseases:

  • Drug therapy (in the form of tablets, injections or intravenous drip)
  • Indication to surgical therapy procedures
  • Therapy with botulinum toxin (for all neurological indications in our practice, for spasticity after stroke also at home)
  • Nutritional counseling for internal and neurological diseases